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Services - Advanced Design Tools

Whether the core business or the transforming business, process system analysis tools can help your company address critical issues.

We use advanced systems analysis tools in order to address company priorities, such as, for example:

​- Capital and operating cost analysis: to provide order-of-magnitude techno-economics essential for early-stage decision making       

- Early stage process analysis and selection: to compare the set of process technologies based on large-block analysis in a consensus manner

- Multi-Criteria-Decision-Making (MCDM)​: to provide a systematic tool for decision making while considering conflict criteria such as economic, business and environmental in order to facilitate decision making at a corporate level.

- Advanced energy analysis: to develop new and long-term energy strategies

- Life-Cycle-Assessment (LCA)​: to evaluate of a wide range of environmental impacts, considering the complete life cycle of the product, i.e. from cradle to grave, as well as long-term impacts in order to measure the potential impact of different biorefinery strategies.



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