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Written to fill the gap of information on state-of-the-art advances in integrated biorefineries, this book contains contributions from leading experts in the field, addressing the synthesis, selection, design, analysis and optimization of biorefineries.


It discusses the current state of affairs for biorefineries, as well as strategies, opportunities, vairous processing platforms, and how to evaluate the life-cycle impact of biorefinery products and processes.


It also includes systematic process design tools for new biorefineries, and an effective set of tools for techno-economic analysis. Case studies, figures, and equations are included throughout the text to strengthenth reader's understanding.


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Integrated Biorefineries: Design, Analysis, and Optimization

​EnVertis is dedicated to provide more value to the industry by leading key initiatives helping the forestry industry access high-quality information and expertise related to the goal of corporate transformation and biorefinery implementation.

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