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​EnVertis is dedicated to provide more value to the industry by leading key initiatives helping the forestry industry access high-quality information and expertise related to the goal of corporate transformation and biorefinery implementation.

In collaboration with PAPTAC, TAPPI and Innventia, EnVertis is pleased to have led four Biorefinery Courses over the last 3 years in Vancouver (Canada), GreenBay (WI), Stockholm (Sweden) and Atlanta (GE).


The 3-day biorefinery course targets information for forestry company decision-making, and addresses a wide range of key issues for biorefinery strategy and design. 19 expert instructors from across North America and Europe will share their experience during the 3 days, including numerous industry and other case studies.






More specifically, the course will seek to address some critical biorefinery questions, including:

  • Which biorefinery products will provide sustainably good margins over the long term?

  • What are process efficiencies and operating costs today, and what might they be in 5 years from now after the process technologies have matured?

  • How do we best use existing mill infrastructure when implementing the biorefinery?

  • Can we implement the biorefinery, and at the same time lower the unit costs of our wood, pulp and paper products? 


Based on the success of past courses that gathered over 20 forest company students from around the world, EnVertis is currently discussing the potential to organize a Biorefinery Course in South America. More details will be announced when potential dates are identified.

Premiere Biorefinery Course
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