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Services - Transformational Strategies

Our clients depend on us to develop confidential strategic plans that are unique to their company, suitable for presentation to management, and leading to transformation over the longer-term while mitigating risks.

​EnVertis has no preferred biorefinery technology or product option, however systematically applies a practical set of product and process design methodologies for exploring biorefinery opportunities and identifying transformative business models considering risk mitigation.​

EnVertis uses a systematic approach to assess corporate transformation strategies, including for example:

EnVertis assist at different levels of biorefinery strategy definition

- Technology plan definition: process integration assessments, mass and energy balances, techno-economic evaluation, as well as technology risks, related to technology maturity, capital investment or project execution.

- Business plans definition: (1) preliminary non-bankable business plan including market and competitive assessments as well as value proposal definition and identification of potential off-taker(s)/partner(s); and (2) preliminary bankable business plan including negotiation strategy and assistance with off-take agreements/partnerships. 

- Risk assessment: Qualitative and quantitive assessments of potential risk and uncertainties associated with a biorefinery strategy and based on sensitivity analysis. Practical mitigation strategies and recommendations are provided in order to ensure robustness of the biorefinery strategy. 

- Life-Cycle-Analysis (LCA)​: EnVertis has a well-defined methodology to biorefinery LCA. LCA is essential to ensure the environmental benefits of the biorefinery. Based on the recognized international standard ISO 14040, LCA combines the evaluation of a wide range of environmental impacts, considering the complete life cycle of the product, i.e. for cradle to grave, as well as long-term impacts.

Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM)​: the complexity of biorefinery strategies needs to be evaluated using a wide range of many technological, economic, market-based, as well as environmental context-specific criteria, often leading to contradictory results. MCDM is a powerful tool and a decision process that will bring awareness and consensus in your decision making.



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