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The BDC members during the BDC Fall 2013 Symposium at the Woodland biofuels plant in Sarnia, ON.

Canadian Biorefinery Deployment Consortium (C-BDC)

Bernard West, Co-Chair of the Sustainable Chemistry Alliance (SCA), reviewes the success of the last BDC Fall 2013 symposium in Sarnia.

The BDC symposium has provided us with  a network of experts and  learning about new bio-processes and bio-products, pilot & demonstration plants and finally government policies with regards to bio-economy that would not be all available in an international conference or a technical course. Through BDC consortium meetings twice a year and network of experts, we have kept in touch with fast developing and continuously changing bio-economy.


Farshad Piroozmand, Irving Forest Services.

Some recent Testimonies

The Bioenergy Deployment Consortium (BDC - is a non-profit, results-oriented organization that is dedicated to educating and keeping forest industry leaders abreast of pertinent biorefinery technology, processes, and policies - with a focus on deployment of technologies. One of the most important activities of BDC is the twice-annual tours of biorefinery and other technologies pertinent to our members.


After attending BDC meetings for several years and understanding first-hand the value it brings to members, EnVertis entered into an agreement with BDC to create the Canadian Biorefinery Deployment Consortium (C-BDC).


C-BDC Wants to Grow!

2 Canadian companies have joined C-BDC over the last couple of months, namely Tolko and Irving, becoming founding members. These companies will benefit from symposiums in US and in Canada as well as from sharing technical and business information in an in-depth and open-manner in order to de-risk the implementation of the biorefinery - See Top 10 Reasons to join C-BDC

​EnVertis is dedicated to provide more value to the industry by leading key initiatives helping the forestry industry access high-quality information and expertise related to the goal of corporate transformation and biorefinery implementation.

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