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Supporting the emergeance of the BiorefineryBuilding Industry Readiness for the Bio-Economy Through Education

Top 10 reasons to Become a C-BDC Member


Meetings are by invitation only, and membership is dominated by forest product companies who stay in regular contact with each other.



Visits of pilot, demonstration and commercial biorefinery plants during twice-annual meetings – with technology developers who are interested in “opening the door” to information from a group of potential investors.  Understand better the gamut of biorefinery technologies your company might consider.



During seminars and facility tours, “on-the-ground” questions are posed by you and your colleagues facing the same challenges. Typically you will be required to sign NDAs ahead of the tours.



C-BDC plans to organize interactions and information sessions with government so that members can better plan to take advantage of subsidy opportunities.



By continuously improving your company’s biorefinery strategy, when grant programs become available, yours will be ready to be adapted to the specific terms of the program, and Resolute will be better prepared to submit competitive proposals. The next federal subsidy program is already under development – be ready!



By attending US-based BDC meetings at no additional cost, understand first-hand the differences and similarities of US-based forestry companies developing their biorefinery strategies, and US subsidy programs.



Meetings in Canada will seek to assemble non-forest company stakeholders along the biorefinery value chain in order to identify regional opportunities for products and partnership.



There are differences and unique subsidy opportunities in different regions of Canada and in the United States. You are familiar with your region, but what are the opportunities in other regions?



C-BDC will bring together forest product companies with other operating and technology companies potentially interested in partnering for forest biorefinery development.



Access to state-of-the-art data on technology and business opportunities through a members-only secure-website.  BDC keeps track of biorefinery developments across North America and Europe.



1. Productive Networking


2. Demystify Biorefinery Technologies



3. Hands-On Biorefinery Information

4. Important Timely Information

5. Participation Pay-Back

6. The US Context

7. Regional Value Chains


8. Regional Information


9. Potential Biorefinery Partnerships



10. On-Line Biorefinery Information



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